Episode 30 - Nik Westman


Nik Westman joins the podcast via video conference to share his songs with us while isolating during the Covid pandemic. He talks about his projects while in quarantine. Releasing The Corona Tapes a compilation project of independent artists as well as his own EP Nimble Minds. 

Episode 29 - Julie Kucks


Julie talks about being home schooled in Lancaster Pa, her time living on a commune, and other experiences that inspired her music. 

Episode 28 - Stephen Artemis Jr


Stephen Artemis Jr tells us about growing up in rural New York and how visiting the country side inspires his music. We also talk about recording his albums with his own independent recording label. 

Episode 27 - Josh Savage


Josh Savage was in New York City just in time to share with us his journeys from Berlin to Mexico and perform music inspired by his adventures.

Episode 26 - Lorraine Leckie


 Lorraine Leckie joins us on the podcasts. She talks about her start in music after years as a successful make up artists and how she starts the Greenpoint Songwriter exchange, a weekly meet up for songwriters to workshop their new material in an open community oriented atmosphere. 

Episode 25 - Doo Crowder


Doo Crowder has performed music in Denver, LA, and across the country. Getting by on music and teaching music to children in a detention center. He shares his personal stories that inspire the music for his upcoming albums as well as inspirations for his more recent work. 

Episode 24 - Benji Marx


Benji Mark is a singer/songwriter and musical therapist currently living in New Paltz. He shares with us his experience teaching music to children and the spiritual and romantic journeys that inspired his music. 

Episode 23 - Hoagie


We sit down and talk to Hoagie about the songs he gathered for his up coming album Other Folks. A rock opera about growth and learning to work with others. 

Episode 22 - Morton Millen


Morton Millen shares his music with us and talks about growing up in England and living in the East Village then shares us a touching song about losing his horse. 

Episode 21 - Peter Siegmann (The Lowliest One)


We talk to Peter Siegmann aka The Lowliest One. He tells us how his journey that brought him into becoming a singer songwriter and using a pseudonym to separate the music from the man.   

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